Local MMA Gyms, Workouts, Fitness Training, Conditioning Programs in Mitrovica, Vojvodina

Become a Certified MMA Conditioning Coach. Improve Your Coaching Skills or Start a Successful Business Offering Martial Arts Fitness Classes in Mitrovica, Vojvodina, Serbia.

Aside from the exclusive, world-class training and certification, you will also be given extensive business training to quickly turn your dream of enjoying a fitness and MMA gym business in Mitrovica, Vojvodina, Serbia into a reality. Our step-by-step blueprint gives you everything you need to start and grow your successful career.

If you think the only way to earn a strong income as is to offer one-on-one training or group conditioning classes in a local Mitrovica, Vojvodina, Serbia MMA gym, you would be wrong. BIG TIME!

Are you ready to learn how to make some serious money with MMA fitness and conditioning in Mitrovica?

After earning your MMA Conditioning Coach Certification, you can do any (or all) of the following to make a great living and have your dream career:

- One-on-one MMA conditioning coaching (earn $50 - $100/hr)

- Group MMA conditioning coaching ($100 - $300/hr)

- Make online MMA conditioning videos (offer some as a gift, and charge a fee for premium videos).  ($20 per video)

- Start an MMA-related membership web site. (Think big… 500 members x $15/month = $7,500/month)

- Open an MMA conditioning center (your income could exceed $200,000 yr)

- Run an MMA boot camp ($20 per person x 30 people per class = $600/hr)

Offer clinics and camps. You can offer these at your facility or do a "traveling tour."  You've seen other experts and martial arts masters do tours and workshops saying "coming to your area...."  Well, why can't this be you?  It can and it's very profitable. You can do a revenue split with the host, be guaranteed a minimum fee, or make other arrangements. This will earn you between $1000 - $10,000 per day. Yes, that much!

The list goes on…. 

The MMA Conditioning Association (MMACA) gives you the training, professional certification, and all the tools you’ll need to operate a successful business.



Country = Serbia (RS)

Region = Vojvodina

City = Mitrovica

Latitude: 44.96 Longitude 19.59